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Welcome To Rhema Ghana

Rhema is a Word, a Place and a Worldwide family

The sun never sets on a Rhema graduate preaching the Word of God.”- Kenneth W. Hagin

Upcoming Events

Join us in celebrating the achievements of our graduates on 8th June at 11:00 AM.

7th Graduation Ceremony 8th June 2024 - 11:00 am Prompt

Prospective Students Info

If you are in Ghana and you have been seriously considering attending a Bible School, kindly click on and fill out the jot form below, and someone from Kenneth Hagin’s Rhema Bible Training College, Ghana campus will contact you about classes starting September 2023


Our Vision is to Train and Equip Leaders for the effective work of the ministry

“Our mandate is to go teach God’s people faith!



Student Structure

Find out more about our academic structure tailored to equip you for life and ministry

A scholarship that grows through success Ideas for College and University Tuition Fees for education

Tuition Cost

Rhema fees are highly subsidized by Friends and Partners. There are various payment plans available.

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Application Form

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Vision: To Train and equip leaders for the effective work of the ministry.

Do you want to:

  • Learn how to rightly divide the Word of God?
  • Learn how to hear God’s voice clearly?
  • Discover how to be a willing vessel for God’s glory?
  • Receive practical hands-on training from experienced ministers?
  • Receive a 2-year International Diploma in Theology?

Those who yield to discipline, experience transformation of character

Rev Alexander Asirifi — National Director (Ghana)

Partnership & Friendraising

The Partnership and Friendraising Department continues to encourage current students, Alumni, churches, ministries, and organizations to partner with the school. Let's reach the world together!

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“If you are asking yourself, What should I do with my life? RBTC is a good place to come and find out. It would benefit you to get a solid foundation in the Word and to get the things we teach at RBTC into you. Many times, when people are wondering whether or not they are called to the ministry, they just need to come on and get the training in the Word and in the Spirit. The training will bless them, even if God hasn’t called them to preach or teach. And the training RBTC provides will make them much better laborers when they return to their local churches.”
Kenneth W. Hagin
President - usa